7 Questions on I Shall Seal the Heaven

1. what exactly is the identity of meat jelly since parrot and mirror seems to be a remnant of the boundless patriarch?

The meat jelly used to be a Sovereign level cultivator specializing in lightning powers. Never really revealed how he turned into the jelly even by the end. The last few chapters even mention how their origins were never explained.

2. what exactly is meng hao at the end of the novel by that I mean immortal or monster?

He goes down the Devil (Monster) route. I named the 5 routes in my head as God, Ghost, Demon, Devil, Celestial. The end of the novel seems to hint that the Celestial route might supersede the other paths.

3. what happened to the wodden swords?

The wooden swords really get thrown to the side of unused treasures. At one point, the Wolf forces and combines them into one super sword, but that seemed to be the last mention of it.

4. What exactly does Feng Tianjin mean or come from?

I don’t know what Feng Tian Jin is referring to. Sounds like burning sky technique or something.

5.The matter of the coffins in the series as well?

Coffins are usually used for recovery and prolonging life. They preserve bodies in stasis for the failures that can’t progress their cultivation anymore and are too close to death so they rely on their descendants to someday find some treasure they can use. Also, most big shots have backup bodies lying in coffins in case their avatars are killed.

6. The thing about nine butterflies and where does the parent butterfly go to after escaping from god and demon mainland people?

The nine world butterflies were something from the ancient war and had something to do with the 9 Mountain Sea being sealed by the 33 Heavens. The Parent Butterfly flew to the Coffin of the main girl in Xian Ni which seems to be protected by some Laws probably set by Wang Lin. Wang Lin also had a Butterfly treasure in Xian Ni, and I don’t know if there’s a connection there.

7. What was the secret about lonely tomb
Which tomb? The rebirth cave? Or do you mean the Coffin I mentioned in question 6?

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