Talking About the Cultivation and Parrot of Meng Hao: The Inevitable Factor in Chance


As we all know, the child’s luck to burst the table, set a variety of heritage in one. So many people say illogical, small white course. Personally think that the transmission of the MengHao is not accidental, but accidentally inevitable. Why do we first look at the MengHao on the accident:

  • First, should pass the dragon, the first MengHao accidentally
  • Second, Bana flowers, due to the flow of water and blessing in disguise
  • Third, the demon heritage, the main inheritance of the MengHao
  • Fourth, blood cents heritage, the MengHao desperate to come
  • Fifth, ugly platform heritage, of course, this heritage is not free
  • Sixth, Kunpeng heritage, because the MengHao loose its seal and help the child
  • Seventh, Qi Nan heritage, as a return to the demon of a pulse
  • Eighth, green ancestral map, the same is the return of the demon demon
  • Ninth, the first demon ban ban, because the MengHao is a demon demon derived from the pulse
  • Tenth, fifth generation of demon demon enlightenment, because it is a demon descendants derived

We are worth mentioning, a few will find the child’s luck is not generally good. But it is accidentally too much, had to question people, such as before the analysis of the wolf king after the big hair will be sealed as 28 stars of the same, pass on the coincidence so that I realized a little: chance in the inevitable.

First of all, the MengHao body accidentally divided into three categories:

  • The first class, due to the demon demon pulse
  • The second class, because of their own blood
  • The third class, due to the day for days

First talk about the first category, from the first to know that the first three, six, seven, eight, nine, ten are due to the demon demon who came, no Feng demon, there is no Feng demon.

The MengHao will never walk the road, and even repair immortal is impossible. And the demon demon “demon” makes its heritage in a variety of forms of performance, such as totem, Dan Road, etc., can be said: is the demon’s “change” caused a lot of inheritance of the MengHao, and Feng Yao’s “seal”.

The demon on the demon’s return. So the child inherited the fruit from the demon because of its.Say the second category, because of the blood of the MengHao, the woman can not move him because of the blood of the MengHao, the ugly door to choose him to commission due to the blood of the MengHao, the MengHao provoked Qi Nan inheritance.

And Bana is also very likely because of its blood. Do not forget, the secret of the good man. And Li Xian is likely to pass the secret of the Bu know that the blood of the special and the MengHao as a good nutrient.

Finally, the third category, this category is anti-quarter of a class, and so far passed to the MengHao only blood cents.

From the can be seen with the closure of the demon-related inheritance is mainly because the demon demon pulse all over the place, while the blood is the use of the main purpose of anti-season heritage only one, because this and the demon, blood has nothing to do Nothing more than seasons, no one can.


Someone said the parrot is a failure, here I am not with the comment. I now want to talk about the parrot and the closure of the demonist contact. In the time of the MengHao crossing, the MengHao let the parrot vaguely think of a similar figure and the MengHao. In this regard, I think that figure is a generation of demon demon.

We can be known from the original all things Yaoqi is the origin of the nine mountains and the sea, that is to say for all the mountains and rivers of the nine mountains and the sea in terms of the existence of the closure of the demon division is extremely dangerous, because the ability of powerful Feng demon is very likely ” He is a mountain and a sea. Whether it is canonization or seal, for the Shanhaiguan owners in terms of no benefit, so the trend of reducing the eradication is imperative.

If the figure is really a generation of demon demon, then the parrot is likely to be a demon demon transmission of the passage of time, combined with the parrot was sealed in the bronze mirror to stay in the patrons of this point, parrot and bronze mirror and Feng demon Can not get away from the relationship. If the parrot and bronze mirror really is the demon demon thing, then confirmed the inevitable in this point.

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