2017 ISSTH(I Shall Seal the Heavens) Game Reviews

I am also an old player, but also intend to play about the new version, the main talk about their own the most intuitive feeling of the game, simply say a few words, so that we have a certain understanding of the game

Plot: Since the name of “I want to seal the day” the story is certainly followed by the novel to go, but the game is divided into two lines of light and shade, obviously a novel, dark line is the original story of the West, the two can still be integrated, Bright and dark lines, there is no obvious difference between the world view, there can enrich the plotissth game related screenshot 1Screen: the scene is moving 2D, fighting the screen for the 3D, realism, but after all, is the cultivation of the whole picture is relatively detached from the realism, the individual is more like 2D picture effect, refined and fresh, color use more beautiful, and add On the dynamic effects, you can see the water, waterfalls, flowers and the like, a little pleasing feeling. 3D screen, but without losing, not particularly exquisite is not rough, but the use of the battle, you can watch the fighting scene, so that the direct effect of fighting extra points.

issth game related screenshot 2

issth game related screenshot 3
(The original combat effects on a very gorgeous, for a different perspective of the experience)

Fighting: this and skills to say that the fighting mode is still quite satisfactory turn-based system, in addition to the rhythm to speed up some, and not too eye-catching system, but with the skills system, the battle becomes more strategic, skills are divided into martial art And general skills, martial art skills to make the character characteristics clear, and general skills to make up for the prominent role of the characteristics of the left board, so the fighting will always have a special reversal and surprise.

issth game related screenshot 4Daily play: In fact, nothing to talk about, and most of the turn-based system, the grasp of the strange grasp of the strange, the running ring, the reward be lucrative, or more able to arouse the power, coupled with the life skills set, send Time up soon, but maybe some people feel cumbersome, after all, are now fast food era.

issth game screenshot 5Equipment: Although it is a very common system, but really very satisfied, mainly do not have to consider the replacement and strengthening of equipment, equipment can upgrade, strengthen can inherit, on the whole, reduce the player’s game currency spending, do not have to consider the equipment Out of date and so on a series of questions.

Novice guide: I think it is not particularly good, there are places where the players need to explore their own, but perhaps it is deliberately into such a bar, after all, said clearly, and page tour the same, so more boring.

issth game screenshot 6Do not know how to write, that is, like the turn system, like I want to seal the day, like Journey to the West, like Xiu Xiu game players, you can try, probably is the same feeling.

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